Water Dispenser Maintenance in Salt Lake City, UT

At Pure Water Technologies, we don’t just sell water dispensing and filtration systems—we keep them running, too! Our team of experts is hands-on when it comes to water dispenser maintenance and repairs in the United States. We know the service schedules and repair techniques required to keep your water system running efficiently, producing clean water any time you need it. From filter replacements to cleaning and part change-outs, your water system is in good hands.

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Water Dispenser Maintenance Services & More

Having a water purification or dispensing system mean nothing if it doesn’t work properly or provide the water quality you expect from it. If you need water dispenser maintenance service, we’re the team to call. We troubleshoot the entirety of your system to spot and resolve problems quickly. From filter changes to component replacements, we undertake the work using OEM products and parts. The result is a system that just works right, and the peace of mind that comes with trusting our team.

  • Aerator cleaning and changing
  • Bypass manifold service
  • Electric flow valve repair
  • Filter changes
  • Flow valve changes
  • Fuse changes
  • Membrane changes
  • Motor and pump changes
  • Power troubleshooting
  • Round bulb changes
  • Start-up procedure
  • Sump pump changes
  • Sump screen cleaning
  • UV bulb changes

Quality Control and Testing

Concerned about the efficiency of your water system or the potential for water dispenser maintenance and repairs? We offer quality control and testing. Call us to come out to your facility and run your system through a battery of tests, to make sure it’s meeting expectations. We’ll make sure you’re fully apprised of the results and can fix any quality control issues on-site, to get it back up and running again.