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High Speed Water Vending!
  • 5 Gallon Per Minute Fill Rate
  • Private Labeling
  • Computer Monitoring
  • Custom Color’s and Signange
  • Supply Purified Water for Produce, Ice Machines, Ovens, Meat Fogging, etc…
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Water Dispenser Company in Salt Lake City, UT

Established in 1992, Pure Water Technologies has built a relationship with customers throughout the United States. We provide water vending solutions to businesses throughout the area, as well as home purification systems to residents. Come to us for retail water dispensers and reverse osmosis systems, water bottles, meat fogging systems, water dispenser maintenance, home water purification systems, ice machine filters, solar-powered water purification machines, and much more.

Water Dispsensing Systems

Your Full-Service Water Dispenser Systems Supplier

Every person should have access to clean, safe, filtered water—whether they choose to buy it from the store or have it accessible in their own home. Pure Water Technologies brings customers throughout the US the technologies and systems to ensure they always have access to fresh water. Our water dispensing systems for stores and whole-home filtration systems are on the cutting edge, giving you water that’s odorless, colorless, tasteless and free of contaminants and pathogens, so you can sip with confidence.

Pure Water Technology was founded in 1992, as a vending-style business. Our water dispensing systems quickly became a staple in grocery stores and other commercial facilities. Years later, we decided to engineer our own retail water machines, to make some much-needed control, processing and reporting function improvements. In doing so, we established Arctic Mountain as a market brand that Grocery Stores and consumers have both come to trust. We’ve since moved on to develop a national dealer network using well-established grocery store equipment and service organizations.

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Reuse Your Bottles S

Above all, we set the industry standard for a water dispenser company, providing our customers with maximum value. This includes private labeling, computer monitoring, custom colors and more for our Grocery customers, as well as round-the-clock service and bottle reuse for our patrons. When it comes to the sale and service of water dispensing systems and at-home filtration solutions, Pure Water Technologies aims to be the name you can trust.

  • In the last year, using data from just the water systems we manage, not including our private dealers, or privately owned water systems, we sold over 10,000,000 gallons of water and approximately 257,000 gallons went into new bottles. That is only 2.6% of our water sales that go into new bottles. In the last year, we saved over 9.7 million gallons worth of bottles from going into the landfill.

  • That equals approximately 750 – 40ft semi-trailers.

  • That is approximately 8.5 miles of trucks and trailers.

  • That’s a big traffic jam.

  • That’s a lot of plastic, fuel, trucks, and labor saved.

  • Our new systems also use Low-Pressure Membrane Technology. We operate at approximately 100 PSI. This is 1/2 the pressure of most competitive systems. This uses much less power.

We offer a variety of water purification systems for both home & business use

We have full water system maintenance and repair capabilities, as well as testing.

Our water systems are NAMA Approved and ETL Listed, setting the standard for quality.

We can customize commercial water systems with your business’ colors and signage.

Get the Best in Pure Water

Whether you need misting systems for meat and produce, fresh water vending or a reverse osmosis system for your home, we’ve got it. Call today for information about our products. Proudly Providing Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems, Produce and Meat Fogging systems, and much more nation wide!

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We offer 24-hour customer service support, to ensure our customers’ needs are met.