Ice Machine Filters & More in Salt Lake City, UT

Pure Water Technologies is your authority for anything and everything involving water vending machines in the US. Whether you need a new system installed and branded for your facilities or it’s time for service and quality control testing, our team is standing by. In addition to sales and service, we also sell a wide range of parts and components, to ensure the dispenser systems, misting equipment and ice machines we sell are working correctly.

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Whether you need a computer board replacement for your dispenser system or ice machine filters to fix a contaminated ice machine, don’t wait to call us.

Ice Machine Filters

Bypass manifolds

We supply auto bypass systems for commercial systems. These manifolds include a meter, boost pump and UV light for sterilization. There’s also an auto bypass to city water when reverse osmosis units are down. These manifolds keep produce fresh and ovens operating with regularity.

Water storage tanks

Our tanks are the best in the business! We supply bladder tanks, which store air in a pressurized bladder separate from the water. Many companies use non-pressurized (atmospheric) tanks, which run the risk of allowing bacteria and viruses in and out as the water flows through them.

Replacement parts

We stock a full scope of replacement parts and components for all of the water vending machines we sell. If your system isn’t working correctly or needs routine service, call us with the confidence that we’ll provide a direct replacement component with little-to-no wait times.

Computer boards

Our selection of computer boards spans all essential PCB controllers, including dispenser boards, processor boards, full system boards, low cabinet boards, mist timer systems and replacement high- and low-pressure processors. We don’t just stock these products, either—we can install them and test to make sure they’re working correctly.

Water vending machines & more

Whether you’re calling us for repairs or need a specific part, Pure Water Technologies always has the right components—and the knowledge for how to install them. Contact us today at 801-954-0288 to learn more about the filters, water bottles, and solar-powered water filtration systems we source and how we can serve the needs of US customers.