1/2-Gallon Water Bottles & More in Salt Lake City, UT

Most people understand the convenience that comes from a bottle-fed clean water dispensing system. Pure Water Technologies makes it easy to take advantage of these benefits. We supply commercial customers with water dispensing systems ranging from ½ gallon water bottles, all the way up to 5-gallon. No matter what your needs are, we’ll meet them with a water dispensing system and all the essential services that go along with maintaining one.

1/2-Gallon Water Bottles

  • ½-gallon water bottles. These small bottles are simple and convenient—the perfect grab and go size. Low price point makes them a bestseller for Grocery Stores and a quick mover that generates great margins. Moreover, their small size makes it easy to stock more in areas with consolidated shelf space.
  • 1-gallon water bottles. 1-gallon water bottles are the standard for most dispensing systems. Our bottles feature a convenient handle and screw-top design that makes them easy to carry and refill. These bestsellers are a favorite of customers looking for a simple fridge solution for pure water at home.
  • 3-gallon water bottles. We provide larger 3-gallon bottles to businesses, where 1-gallon sizes aren’t quite enough. These larger size jugs are great for extended use and just as easy to refill thanks to their convenient carrying handle.
  • 5-gallon water bottles. Our largest refillable bottles, 5-gallon water bottles are perfect for home and office dispensing systems that lack built-in filtration. These bottles offer large-mouth filling capabilities and feature a handle for sturdy grip and ease of lifting and loading.

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