Retail Water Dispenser in Salt Lake City, UT

When you’re ready to bring fresh, clean water on-demand into your Grocery Store, turn to Pure Water Technologies. We’re the authority on retail water dispenser systems. Our solid surface water purification systems are particularly popular among customers and can be fully customized for your store. We make it simple to provide employees, customers and guests with fresh water, on-demand.

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Retail Water Dispenser

Total Customization Options

Planning on bringing a solid surface water purification system into your store? Talk to us about branding! We can customize commercial water systems with your store colors and signage, to make it a more appealing prospect and to attract patronage to this revenue stream. Your water system will have all outward appearances of being affiliated with your brand, which gives customers the confidence and familiarity they have come to expect.

Purification, Made Simple

Our solid surface retail water dispenser is a system designed for large-sized stores. The system makes up to two gallons per minute of purified water and dispenses up to 5 gallons per minute into the container. Paired with our ½ gallon, 1-gallon, 3-gallon or 5-gallon bottles, customers have all the options they need to enjoy filtered water on-demand, at a great price.

A Complete Water Purification System for Stores

Our water dispensing system can also supply water for other store uses, such as produce misting, meat fogging, bakery ovens, ice machines, proffers and coffee. We utilize a commercial backroom purification system, for much higher volume. No matter the size of your facility or your need for fresh water, you’ll have no trouble finding the system you need.

Bring Pure, Clean Water to Your Facilities

Ready to bring the convenience of fresh on-demand water into your facilities? Contact Pure Water Technologies today to learn more about our solid surface retail water dispenser and the benefits that come with offering a water dispensing solution in the form of a commercial reverse osmosis system. Contact us today at 801-954-0288 to learn more.