Why Filtered Water Is Better Than Alkaline Water

We all need water, and making sure that the water we drink is healthy and safe is a main priority. Knowing if your water is safe is a must, and filtered water is a fantastic option overall. While some might say alkaline water is better, filtered may be the best option for many.

Is Alkaline Water Safe?

Alkaline water has a very high alkalinity or a very high mineral content. This is also referred to as hard water. This can come through your pipes if you do not have a water filter and if you live in an area where water will flow over mineral deposits like limestone.

Alkaline water is generally safe to drink as long as you do not have any sort of existing kidney disease. Alkaline water and kidney disease do not mix as your kidneys cannot filter out the excess minerals if they are not healthy, which can have adverse effects on the body.

Alkaline water can cause your skin to be very dry. It can cause you to have an upset stomach if it is very alkaline, and it can cause you to be itchy as well. Alkaline water will not kill you right off the bat if you drink it or use it once, but prolonged use can cause you health issues over time.

Alkaline water can also be hard on your pipes and plumbing and can cause issues with your plumbing that require you to have it redone or cleaned. Using alkaline water on the skin has been known to cause irritation and can also cause damage to the hair and skin overall.

Is Filtered Water Better?

Filtered water is better for a range of reasons. First, it will have a much lower mineral content than alkaline water. It will be filtered enough so that the excess minerals are not building up in the body and not building up in the water.

Filtered water is going to have fewer contaminants as well. It is going to be cleaner, clearer, and is going to be safer for your body overall. It is also a great option if you have water that is very alkaline and does not taste great. Filtered water will not have a strange taste like some alkaline water and will be acceptable for all users.

It is great for kids, adults, those with stomach issues, those with sensitivities, and so on. Filtered water is easier than ever to have, and you can even get great water bottles that filter every bottle that you drink. Filtered water is great as far as helping to keep you healthier and to help you feel better overall.