Benefits Of A Produce Misting System

Produce Misting SystemBenefits Of A Produce Misting System

When your produce is misted, it will be more vibrant, attractive and fresh. And not only that, using a misting system can help you boost sales and improve profit margins. It will even help preserve your inventory and cut down on waste.

Reduces Shrinkage

Keeping produce misted can reduce shrinkage and improve shelf life by allowing the produce to keep its original color, nutrients and quality for longer.

Increases Shelf Life

Misting systems have a long list of benefits for preserving fresh produce, including an extended shelf life. They slow the ripening process, making fruits and vegetables look as if they’ve just come from the farmer’s market or a garden. The technology also can help preserve vegetables that have already ripened, such as strawberries and grapes. It extends the ripening period by several hours, which improves the appearance of produce and adds to its value.

Enhances Appearance

Using a misting system to enhance the appearance of produce in your store can significantly improve sales. Vegetables that are glistening with water tend to be more appealing and customers may buy more fruits and vegetables than they otherwise would have, Taste of Home reports.

Reduces Waste

Misting systems can cut waste by up to a half of the items that are normally thrown away. And that means less hand-watering and mopping, and more time for laborers to work on more profitable activities in the produce department, like selling more fruits and vegetables or other high margin products, according to Corrigan. As an additional bonus, these systems also help produce adsorb water, re-hydrate and regain weight, which can cut food costs by up to 50%. This is good news for the environment and your bottom line, especially if you’re trying to get rid of food waste in your business.