Four Benefits of Bulk Water

Most Americans take it for granted that quality water will pour out when they turn on the tap. While we do have fairly rigorous standards for water quality across most of this country, those are all the standards water suppliers are required to meet. There is considerable debate on whether limits on some materials should probably be stricter than they currently are, but by the letter of the law they’re acceptable.

For this reason, more and more people are considering bulk water—water sold in large multi-gallon bottles or dispensers—as the future of their drinking water needs. Read on for more insight into why you might want to consider partnering with a water dispenser company for your home’s or office’s water:

  • Cost: This is the big one that can trip up a lot of people, so we like to just get ahead of it and address it first. If you’re currently using single-use water bottles for your needs, you’re likely spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 a month (these are very rough numbers) and producing a huge amount of plastic waste in the process. On the other hand, bulk water from a reputable water dispenser company might cost more up front, but large jugs are exponentially cheaper over the long run.
  • Quality of water: Everyone wants the best for their families and their colleagues, and it should be no different when it comes to what they put into their bodies. The water you find at retail water vending machines comes from facilities that have cutting-edge technology that provides a layer of security you can’t find anywhere else. Most typical water users don’t have access to equipment like distillers or reverse osmosis systems, which can produce water far cleaner than any standard household filter.
  • Sustainability: Your carbon footprint can influence decisions like switching from smaller bottles to a water dispenser company for your household hydration needs. As was mentioned above, single-use plastic bottles can put quite a strain on the environment. Making things more complex in Utah is that the state has no bottle deposit program, so people are likely less incentivized to properly recycle these small bottles. It’s best to use refillable containers and a retail water vending machine to meet your needs and minimize your impact.
  • Convenience: Going to the store for massive packs of single water bottles gets exhausting, both physically and financially. Having a refillable jug dropped off and picked up from your home by a smiling professional is a far better option. Furthermore, using retail water vending machines has also been proven to increase consumption around the home and office—it’s a great way to help your family and colleagues stay properly hydrated.

If you’re looking to make a long-overdue change in the quality and amount of water you consume, then it just might be time to call our team at Pure Water Technologies. We can help you install anything from a retail water vending machine to a whole house carbon filter in your own home or office. Give us a call today to discuss all of your options!