Plastic Water Pollution and Our Environment

Plastic has been a plague on the environment since its inception. In the US alone, 35 billion empty water bottles are thrown away each year. To break this down, 60 million empty water bottles are thrown away every single day. In 2015, roughly 70% of used plastic water bottles were not recycled.

These bottles end up in landfills, in our oceans, or on the streets as litter. Plastic causes substantial damage to the ecosystem and harms innocent animals. While many environmental advocates are verbal regarding the damage caused by single-use plastic bottles, we have yet to see legislation proposed to ban the use of plastic water bottles.

Alternatives to Recycling

Pure Water Technologies, established in 1992, may offer a solution to this problem. The company offers water dispensing systems that are located in grocery stores. The organization provides clean drinking water to commercial businesses and their staff at reasonable prices.

Some of the products/services offered by Pure Water Technologies include a commercial reverse osmosis system, a retail water osmosis system, solid surface and fiberglass retail water dispensers, water purification systems, and more.

What is a commercial reverse osmosis system?

Reverse osmosis is a water filtration solution system. This system is able to remove impurities from any raw water source. The client is left with clean, pure water that can be used industrially, commercially, or personally. This system can remove 99.9% of bacteria, which is an ideal system for pharmaceutical production.

These systems have demonstrated incredible success in the industrial process and are currently more commonly used in the commercial space.

The reverse osmosis system works by forcing pressurized water through a membrane. This helps to capture any impurities that are present in the raw water. The reverse osmosis system offers a green solution for the treatment of water.

What is the most cost-effective and effective water filtration system?

The reverse osmosis system is one of the most cost-effective and most effective water filtration systems on the market today.

These systems often feature seven or more filtration stages in addition to the osmosis process. These stages make this system quite effective at removing contaminants from water, such as pesticides, chlorine, herbicides, and heavy metals, amongst other impurities and/or chemicals.

In the commercial and industrial industries, an investment in a reverse osmosis water filtration system simply makes sense. The system features several benefits for both retail, commercial, and industrial businesses, including:

  • Low amounts of energy usage.
  • The company will save a substantial amount of money in the long term.
  • The business will have less mineral build-up in the water.
  • Restaurants will be able to produce better-tasting drinks and food.
  • There will be much less calcification in equipment that utilizes steam.

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