Benefits of a Reusable Water Bottle

Much has been said about the negative environmental impact of water bottles. Specifically, one-time use, disposable water bottles. When there are other options, instead of using and throwing away plastic, disposable water bottles, it makes little sense to keep using and wasting resources just out of convenience.

What are the benefits of reusable water bottles? Why is it important to consider other alternatives to disposable plastic water bottles? Let’s talk about the upside to using a reusable water bottle instead of contributing to the pollution of our planet.

Reusable Water Bottles Reduce Oil Usage

Americans consume so many plastic disposable water bottles. They require upward of 50 billion disposable plastic water bottles a year. Considering that we only recycle approximately 14% of these disposable plastic water bottles, this means we’re adding roughly 43 million plastic bottles to landfills every year.

The resources we waste to produce 50 billion small plastic water bottles are astounding. It’s estimated that we use 17 million barrels of oil per year to produce this many disposable plastic water bottles. Factoring in that 86% of them end up in landfills or other places, we’re wasting so many resources by manufacturing, purchasing, and throwing away so many of them.

Using Reusable Water Bottles Saves Animals

With the level of pollution we have worldwide in our oceans and land, we harm many, many animals. It’s estimated that over 1 million animals on our planet die from plastic-related products polluting their habitat. One hundred million or more tons of plastic are floating in the oceans around the world. Think about that the next time you litter and toss a plastic water bottle into nature.

Using Reusable Water Bottles Cuts Down on Air Pollution

The amount of carbon dioxide put into our environment to produce the number of disposable water bottles we use each year is astounding. We add over 100 million tons of air pollution every year from the production and manufacturing of disposable plastic water bottles. This is harmful and a contributing factor to air pollution-related deaths every year. This could be reduced greatly if we moved away from our reliance on disposable water bottles.

Using an Insulated, Refillable Water Bottle Can Keep Drinks Colder

One of the more personal aspects of using a refillable water bottle instead of disposable plastic ones is the coolness factor of our water or other drinks. With a well-insulated water bottle and a few ice cubes, your cold drink can stay cold just about all day. Plastic disposable water bottles will quickly become room temperature if left sitting out, making it less appealing to want to drink.

Be a Good Human, and Reap the Benefits of a Reusable Water Bottle

It’s not that difficult to make a positive impact on our planet. You can help reduce pollution and enjoy colder drinks simply by investing in a nice, reusable water bottle. It’s easy and makes such a difference to our planet.